Board of Directors
  Our Management is vested with the charge of general supervision, direction and management of the operations of our company.
  The primary responsibilities of the Board of Directors includes:
  • Overseeing high standards of corporate governance and compliance with various laws.
  • Overseeing our financial management and approving various lines of business.
  • Shaping our policies and procedures.
  • Monitoring our performance and evolving the growth strategy.
  • Setting up counter-party and other prudential risk management limits.
    Board of Directors Designation
    Ms. Mamta Jindal Managing Director
    Mr. Santanu Kumar Dash Director
    Mr. Rahul Independent Director
    Mr. Satendrapratap Jaeswal Independent Director
    Mr. Ram Kishan Singh Director
    Mr. Punit Seth CFO
    Ms Kanika Chhabra Company Secretary
    Mr. Pawan Kumar Poddar Independent Director
    Board of Directors:-
    Ms. Mamta Jindal(Managing Director)

    Ms. Mamta Jindal is the Managing Director of our Company. She has experience of more than 6 years. She holds vast experience and expertise in Human Resource. Her efficient administrative skill ensures the company stays on the cutting edge of development.

    Mr. Santanu Kumar Dash (Director)

    Mr. Santanu Kumar Dash, aged 51 years is an independent director of the Company. He is post graduate in Commerce and has over two decades of work experience in the Non-Banking Finance Company and had also worked as Income Tax Practitioner for over 8 years.

    Mr. Rahul (Director)

    Mr. Rahul, is the Non Executive & Independent Director of our Company. He is having experience in public relations and Liasoning.

    Mr. Satendrapratap Jaeswal ( Director)

    Mr. Satendrapratap Jaeswal ,aged 31 years, is an Independent director of the company. He is bachelor in Commerce and hold vast experience and expertise in the field of finance.

    Mr. Ram Kishan Singh ( Director)

    Mr. Ram Kishan Singh, aged 31 years is the Non Executive Director of our Company. He is having experience in Sales.

    Mr. Punit Seth( CFO)

    Mr. Punit Seth is a CFO of the Company.He is Bachelor in Commerce, with a major emphasis on finance. He has a vast experience of over Ten Years in financial services.

    Ms. Kanika Chhabra (Company Secretary)

    Ms. Kanika Chhabra appointed as Compliance Officer & Company Secretary of the Company. She is an Associate member of The Institute of Company Secretaries of India(ICSI) and Bachelor of Commerce from Delhi University. Her expertise lies in secretarial function & holds great managerial skills.

    Mr. Pawan Kumar Poddar (Independent Director)

    Mr. Pawan Kumar Poddar, aged 52 years, is an Independent Director of the Company. He is recognized for excellent people management and team building abilities besides infusing the spirit of action and a result oriented work culture. He is also the member of the Audit Committee .